Naturist versus Nudist (Part 1)

By no means do I intend to present myself as an expert, and definitely not qualified to speak to the origin and definitions of the words. I get naked. That’s it. I get naked in nature (my understanding of a naturalist) – and I get naked not in nature (nudist?). Expanding on the thought of nudist – does being naked around the house count as being a nudist? I sleep naked, wake up, brew my coffee, and get ready for my day naked. Does this make me a nudist? I’ve always done this – it just seemed natural. In a natural state. For me to consider myself, and Jay, nudists, it would be going out of our way to get naked (not in nature). Which we do.

The internet is filled with ideas to try naked. This article for example gives you 100 ideas – and a quick run down on each. It’s great, some I wish I was able to try – Naked Bowling sounds amazing and is on the bucket list. Others, not sure legality or logistically how it would work – naked shopping? I guess reduces shoplifting for the retailer? One of them even speaks to starting your own blog about naturism. CHECK! There are also a lot of other great ideas as well. One of the articles gave me (us) a great idea. Let’s throw a naked dinner party! A dinner party is hard enough to plan, but a naked dinner party is even tougher! Questions about how would our friends react? Who would we invite? What would I wear? What to cook? Wait – I guess the what to wear problem isn’t an issue. Look already one thing off the to-do list. But all these questions circled my head. Reminiscent of the first time we invited friends to Wreck Beach – the insecurities and self-facing judgmental thoughts started to circle. One thing was for sure – I would be serving a lot of wine.

Planning a Naked Dinner Party:

The Guest List: Who to invite? Obviously our closest friends, those that we’ve already invited to a nude beach or a hot springs to partake with us. But how would they react? An overt ask about just hanging out naked? What would they say? More importantly what would they think? Would they think this was an overtly weird swingers party or hinting at a giant orgy? While these ideas were furthers from what we wanted for our dinner party, they were concerns circling through my head. What would rejection feel like if they said no? Would it be reminiscent to when I worked up the courage to ask Bryan to the Winter Formal in High School and he rejected me? Or would they be cool about the rejection and just tell me they had to shampoo their hair that night?

Alternatively – what if I just invited them to a dinner party – but didn’t tell them it was a naked dinner party? What if I just answered the door wearing nothing but an apron? They walk in – and see Jay also in an apron? Would they quickly get the hint? Think they are getting Punk’d? Walk right back out the door? Ask WTF is going on? Or just strip down and join us? Realizing all of these were less likely Jay and I decided to “test the waters” on what their thoughts on a naked dinner party would be like.


Even now, as an experienced naturist (rookie nudist) I feel the undressing part to be weird. Even at nude beaches or clothing optional venues, the stripping down feels weird and unnatural. Obviously I’ve perfected my beach wear to just a sun dress and with a quick flick of shoulder straps or an up and over I am nude. But if I have to undo my pants, remove my panties, take off my shirt, undo my bra, it just seems awkward. Sexualized almost. This was not the feeling I wanted for our dinner party. We established a spare bedroom to utilize for the “undressing” so our guests could do so in private, and even had extra aprons for them if they felt like working their way into the experience. We also had lots of towels – everything I’ve read about nude events is bring towels – thought it would be best to have them at the ready just in case.

The Menu:

What does one cook at a naked dinner party? Bacon sounds like a terrible idea splattering grease everywhere. Even in an apron, my bits could get burnt. And obviously wanted to shy away from any phallic shaped appetizers for Jay and our male friends’ sake. We also couldn’t make anything too heavy, I didn’t have my comfy ‘post big dinner sweat pants’ to change into.  And what about dessert?

The Festivities:

How do we keep the guests entertained? Am I thinking too hard? We’ve had dinner parties before, there’s talking, there’s laughing, there’s drinking, and there’s games. Easy! Am I over thinking this? Maybe not – clearly we can’t play Twister, so need to over think it slightly. I didn’t want to be the kind of host that lays out an itinerary of events, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t just awkward silence as we sit naked around the living room trying not to make eye contact – or worse. CHARADES! Pictionary? Scrabble? Jenga – now the ideas were flowing! Isn’t the point of being a nudist that you’re just doing what you would normally do but naked? Why is this going to be any different? Except for the bacon – have not and will not try cooking bacon naked. 

**In the week I was writing this blog – our Provincial Health Officer has banned all inside gathers – restaurant and homes – and for the mean time – our dinner party has been put on hold – but I guess it gives us more time to hammer out the details** Also apologies for the lack of photos on this article – we had planned the April 10th weekend for our dinner party and we were going to upload this post next week – but like many things – COVID getting in the way… That being said – Jay and I took this free weekend to make some save social distanced fun and will be sharing shortly!**

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One thought on “Naturist versus Nudist (Part 1)

  1. No need to worry about cooking bacon while nude. All you need to do is get a cookie sheet with sides on it, put some cookie cooling racks in it, put the bacon on top, and stick it all in the oven; cook to desired doneness.


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