Same Beach New Outfit

Finally made it to Wreck Beach over the long weekend!

For a girl that likes to be naked – I have spent a lot of time in recent blog posts talking about bathing suits. I’ve had my reasons. I’ve had my reasons where I have had to wear bathing suits recently. I have also found reasons and ways to get out of wearing bathing suits. Today, going to talk about something new I wore our weekend visit to a clothing optional beach – pubic hair. Might have just lost some readers here – but for those of you who stuck around – this is legitimately the first time I have not been clean shaven going to a nude beach. I also got to try out my new sarong – but that was a lot less out of place than my new outfit. I also didn’t spend the entire time naked – for lunch we went for hotdogs – Wreck Beach tradition of ours – I put on my shorts. I think going forward I will refer to this as “my new outfit” instead of pubic hair or my bush or whatever else I might think. And to clear things up – I am not talking 1970’s bush, I am talking well maintained, manicured hedge work kind of bush. Think Victorian Garden, not Victorian…

So first things first – by no means am I judging, caring, advocating, suggesting one way or another, and will repeat – judging – what anyone has going on down there. Male or female. Not saying one option is right, or not. I am my preferences and perspectives obviously, but also as you are reading – open to trying new things. Nor am I shaming, just sharing my observations and thoughts. And my observations are observations – not creepy gawking – and speaking large number and patterns, never would single anyone out. Except Jay – but its funny – well he thought it was funny – I thought it was silly. Back on track and to summarize – to each their own. I am a firm believer of this – regardless of topic. Going to keep myself on topic – and write down my train of thought for the coming paragraphs – my outfit – what other ladies were wearing to the beach – and then Jay’s landscaping adventure.

As I mentioned earlier – this was basically my first time in public not cleanly shaven down there. Maybe from a self-concious point of view. Maybe from a “all the cool kids are doing it” perspective, and maybe just because I assumed that’s what Jay liked. I’ve talked “Bush” before – but I also HATE HATE HATE razor burn. Recently – with Jay’s permission – I have just been using one of his beard trimmers to trim and maintain instead of clean shaving down there. Jay compares it to “clearcutting the rain forest” when I go more than a couple days without shaving my legs – but he’s an asshole (I saw that in a loving way) – but that kind of attention down there causes razor burn. The beard trimmer without a clean shave has made a world of difference. And let’s be honest – with everything closed and wet and cold weather – I haven’t exactly needed to be “business casual” as of late.


I didn’t think much of going to a nude beach not being clean shaven – hadn’t even popped in my mind. Quickly I felt like I was wearing sandals with socks. A massive fashion faux pas. Not that I was checking out every vagina I saw – but I quickly noticed – one of these is not like the others. Also not that I cared – or so I thought – but at least at this nude beach, on this day, at this time, drapes don’t match the hard wood floors. I am really struggling at making jokes and references to pubic hair that aren’t weird or gross. Thanks for sticking through this with me. I actually brought this fashion trend up with Jay as we went for a walk around the beach – and again – not gawking or judging – just observing and people watching.

He quickly pointed out in a disapointed face I hadn’t noticed his man scaping work. He just trimmed his pubic hair on an angle – so imagine wearing a belt as a horizontal line, the right side was half and inch lower than the left side in a smooth declining angle. To be honest – looked like he was drunk. He admitted it started as a mistake and he just went with it – and leveling it out would have looked weird. Jay has never been a clean shaven kinda guy down there – #3 bear trimmer guide all around. Speaking of clear cutting a rain forest… The double standards – but I’ve already had that conversation…

Not going to lie – wouldn’t say I was self-conscious as much as consciously aware of the fact I was one of few ladies rocking pubic hair on the beach. It was enlightening – little intimidating – and definitely curious how this was perceived by others. Not sure what I will “wear” for my next beach visit – whether I wear what I wore this weekend, go back to my old clean shaven ways – or finally ‘grow a pair’ and go for a wax – but I am sure I will update you all either way. 

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3 thoughts on “Same Beach New Outfit

  1. As far as I’m concerned you should do whatever is most comfortable for you. If tha means full on rainforest then go for it.

    By the way, since you visit Wreck Beach… have you and/or Jay been to the Van Tan Club in North Vancouver?


  2. What, no pics? We were expecting to be able to judge for ourselves! Just FYI, as a child of the 50s/60s, until modern times I was used to pubic hair — on everyone. “Shavies,” as a friend calls them, are a relatively new and welcome phenomenon for me. But sometimes I miss a little landing strip or other reminder that I’m seeing a post-pubescent female! Still, it’s a bit weird to me to be hearing that pubic hair might be seen as a fashion faux pax, or worse. Ah . . . kids today!


  3. I’m 48 and I remember when pubic hair disappeared in the 90’s for women. It started off slow; a little trimming, then a little Hitler mustache, and after that pubic hair was gone. I personally love the waxed floor look. As a nudist, I was glad when it finally became fashionable for men a decade or so ago. However I’ve notice the “Instagram Peekaboo” pubes are bringing the style back for the 20somethings. Instagram’s absurd nudity rules now have girls growing hair to further sexualize their semi-clothed pics. Sadly, life imitates art and the pubes are making a comeback. Some old guys rant about politics or the price of movie tickets… for me, I rage against the short and curly! It’s just my opinion but if razor burn is your only reason for growing that chia pet , might I suggest a Mach 3 razor. I used to have terrible razor burn on my face but when I became a fireman, daily shaving was required. The Mach3 saved my life and job. Ps love your blog

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